Lepakshi Temple……!!!

3 Feb, 2018

Lepakshi Temple also know as The Veerabhadra temple is situated in the Anantapur district  of Andhra Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 125 Km from Bangalore and 125 Km from Anantpur. There are carvings and paintings all over the Temple. There is a large Nandi Statue at a few distance away from the temple carved out of a Single Rock.  Beside the Nandi Statue, there is Haritha Toursim resort which provides Accomodation as well. Although, Lepakshi can be visited throughout the year, however the best time to visit from October to March. It is an ideal place for a weekend getawys especially for bangalorians and can be explored within 2-3 hours.

Veerbhadra Swamy Temple

Let me share my experience of Bike Ride to Lepakshi Temple with my Wife.

The route to Lepashi from Bangalore is simpler. we started out trip at 8 AM from babusapalya ( Bangalore ), proceeded towards Hebbal and took a right turn towards Banglaore New International Airport Road. The weather was pleasant and a perfect time for weekend getaway. The Airport road is also the Bangalore – Hyderabad highway and we have to stay on this highway for about 100 KM. Afterwards, from  Kodikonda Checkpost we took a left turn towards Lepakshi temple Road and continued to stay for about 16 km where on the left side cut road, few metres inside Lepakshi Temple is situated.


Bangalore To Lepakshi Route

We stopped for refreshment during the Journey at Indian paratha Company on the bangalore-Hyderabad highway before Nandi Hills cut road. I had always heard about Indian Paratha Company and visited it for the first time. We Ordered Parathas and it was good to have. It’s a perfect hangout place for travellers visiting Nandi hills or Lepakshi.

We parked our Bike outside Lepakshi Temple. There were too many Monkeys around. The temple had few staircase which leads to the Front Side of the Temple. The view from outside was magnificent.There were arragements to keep our footwear outside the Temple.

Mukh Matapa ( Main Assembly hall )

As soon as we entred the temple, there were sculptures, carvings and paintings all over. It is also called as Mukh Mantapa or the Main Hall. Photography was prohitbited at Mukh Mantapa, yet we could see some devotees taking photographs. The ceiling had many paintings. There were many worshippers seeking blessing from god and the goddesses. The temparature outside the temple was a bit hot while inside it was cool.

Kalyana Mantapa


Kalyana Mantapa

Right Side of the Main Hall will lead to an open-to-sky area which has the Kalyana Mantapa, 2 M Tall Ganesha Statue and an 18 feet tall Nagalinga. We first went towards Kalyana Manatapa. Kalyana Mantapa or Marriage Hall was built to perform the marriage ceremny of Lord Shiva and Parvati and has carvings of Several Gods attending the ceremony. We took some pictures and then went towards the ganesha Statue.

Ganesha Statue

Ganesha Statue is 2 Metre tall and is also about 2 Metre about the ground level. You can use the rocks to climb. It is on the left side of Kalyana Mantapa if you are entering the Kalyana Mantapa from the front staircase. Pictures taken sitting alongside Ganesha Statue was beautiful. We took the blessings and sat there for some time. Later the crowd gathered near the statue as they also wanted to take pictures. So we came down and moved further.


A few metres away from the Ganesha Statue is the Nagalinga. It is a 18 feet tall granite rock which has carving of multi-hooded snake sheltering the Linga ( Shiva ). It was one of the best architecture within the temple premises. Since it was open-to-sky, the sun was getting hotter and we didn’t spent much time at the Nagalinga.

Sculptures At Temple Boundary Walls
Sculptures At Temple Boundary Walls

All the four side of the Temples boundary walls has beautiful scultpures with space for seating. It was shady and cool and we spent most of the time there viewing the serenity of the temple. After 30 minutes we decided to leave and came out of the temple. Outside the Temple there are public toilets which were neat and clean. We took our shoes and came outside the temple Premises. Temple autorities were distriubuting prasadam as well.We later came to know of some of the attractions we missed to visit inside the temple premises. It was a Big Footprint supposed to be of Lord Hanuman and we regreted it.

We took our bike and came out of the cut road and into the Lepakshi Temple Road. As soon as we entered the Temple Road, we saw a Big Nandi Statue and halted our Bike again. We gazed at the statue and it was marvellous. It is carved out of a single granite rock and is near the Haritha Tourism Resort. This resort provides accomodation as well. This was also the main attraction as we noticed huge crowd. We stayed there for few minutes and left for bangalore.

We didn’t had Lunch at Lepakshi so we stop by around 2 PM at Indian Paratha Company again. After Lunch we left for home and reached home by 3 PM.

The overall trip was delighting. If you are planning to visit, you can leave as late as 11 PM as well as it takes only 3 hours to reach including break. The temperature inside the temple is cool so you will always feel refreshing inside. The localities were good and helpful. Outside the temple there were some shops selling handicrafts and other items. You can checkout those as well. 2 Hours is more than enough to explore the place. We had a wonderful experience at Lepakshi.