About Us

We are a Team of IT Professionals, whose passion is to Travel and Explore. Our goal is to provide all the Travel enthusiast from around the world, a common place, where the Travel Experiences lived by the fellow travellers are shared. This will help to have a smooth travel experience for the respective destinations by knowing the Do’s and avoiding all the Don’ts beforehand.

Why SkipTheTown ?

Generally, when we look for the top places to visit in a specific destination, we may not know have a clear idea or the best possible way to explore the place in terms of how to reach, what to avoid, any precautions, etc. These details may not be available at one place and we have to go through multiple sites for the reviews. Reading a blog  about a particular destination apperas to be the best solution as it incorporates every minute details. A travel package will fulfill this but the true Fun is to explore the places on our own. Hence, SkipTheTown, where such travel experinces by multiple travellers are shared as a blog and you can relive those moments even better as you will be not be repeating the mistakes of the fellow travellers.

Additonal Service

We have tied up with our Affiliate partners to bring you some of the best Travel Accessories for a Smooth and Fahionable journey. Checkout our Online Store for the same.